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D1=155mm, H=35mm, D2=130mm

Inclinometer from the series VIKING.
Flat, attractive housing of polished brass.
The pointer inclinometer (clinometer) is oil-damped

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Sextant DAVIS MARK 15

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Sextant made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic with adequate precision for learning and practise.

Good precision from a micrometer barrel, mirror with 7 shaded glasses. Object lens with triangular magnification.

Equipped with 178 mm scale, 7 large multicolored sun filters, 3x23 mm optics. Comes in a plastic box 255 x 230 x 120mm and extensive manual.

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Sextant DAVIS MK3

Price €116.00

Simple sextant for practicing and learning. Grey plastic.

Arc 178 mm, working range -10° to 100°. Prismatic reading with wide expanded nonius range (30 part dashes) allows measurements of up to 2' precision, the index mirror is moveable in two directions.

Two pivoting shadow glasses and two shadow discs are in front of the viewer "telescope" (no lenses, no enlargement).

Comes with instruction booklet.

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Precision instrument with half-transparent full horizon mirror, made from saltwater-proof aluminium.

- Telescope JENA optics 4x40,

- encapsulated, high-precision metering drum,

- 7 pivoting shaded glasses made from plane parallel neutral glass,

- comes with a manufacturers certificate (correction data less than 40")

- in a solid wooden case.

Weight 1.4 kg (with case 4.5 kg).

Measurments case: 340 x 332 x 170 mm.

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