A gift card is a free-use monetary voucher that entitles its issuer to pay in full or in installments for the voyages offered by the shipping company up to the value indicated on the card. If the selected travel package is more expensive than the nominal value of the gift card, the recipient of the gift card will pay the subtotal. If the chosen trip is cheaper, we will compensate the difference with services - for example, we will open a credit line for the remaining amount in the ship's café.


• If you buy a gift card without a courier service, we will send you an electronic gift card by e-mail, which you can print on paper yourself or send to the recipient by e-mail.

• If you choose a courier service, we will send you a paper gift card to the parcel machine you indicated.


You can use several gift cards in one purchase transaction. The gift card will not be exchanged for cash, will not be redeemed and will not be renewed upon expiry. The gift card cannot be used to pay for special trips, cannot be used retroactively to pay for a trip already purchased, cannot be used in combination with special offers. Copying and reselling the gift card is prohibited. The gift card entitles you to only one purchase.

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