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Melon prism for wooden decks. A massive piece of glass that achieves exceptionally good light strength. The traditional method to illuminate the cabin effectively.
Intended for installation in traditional thick wooden decks.
Complete with brass installation frame

Dimensions: D1 152mm D2 139mm S 130mm

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D1=155mm, H=35mm, D2=130mm

Inclinometer from the series VIKING.
Flat, attractive housing of polished brass.
The pointer inclinometer (clinometer) is oil-damped

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Rectangular ship window

Ship window made from brass, size 20 x 36 cm
A: Height of glass 125 mm
B: Width of glass 285 mm
C: Installation height 152 mm
D: Installation width 310 mm
E: Outer height 200 mm
F: Outer width 360 mm
G: Installation depth 27 mm

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